Discover a new world of mini figure adventures!  Bring creative imagination
to life by adding an exciting new dimension to your existing building bricks.
Welcome to Base Ace
This is Base Ace - a 3 dimensional play platform for your mini-figures and building bricks. Our robust and colourful kits can be customised, connected and expanded to create environments such as space stations, army camps or an exciting backdrop for a superhero mission.

Bring your building adventures to life with our three exciting kits that will stretch your imagination and revive your toy box, time and time again. Please watch this video to see them in action.

Our concept: We do not sell mini figures or building bricks... most children, (and adults!), already own a box of bricks.  Base Ace is a new concept that provides you with an exciting and expandable 3D structure to build and play on... so get your bricks out of the box and build!
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Base Ace Kits can be expanded and customised.
Connectors will join one or more bases together and
transporter platforms can link one base to another.
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All kits are available in a selection of colours