10 Educational Benefits of playing with Base Ace

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With Base Ace, children aren’t just playing, they’re learning! Base Ace kits open up a world of creativity with 3D spaces that add a new dimension to mini figure adventures. Entertain and challenge your child with a toy that’s just as fun as it is educational.

Discover 10 reasons why these unique toy kits can help set children up for long-term success:

  1. Practice Creativity. Base Ace kits help children break out of the mold and explore different ways to play. Multi-level kits allow children to construct stories and play pretend on a variety of different platforms. Innovative accessories can even create the illusion of motion, so there are no limits!

  1. Follow Instructions. Lateral thinking is an essential skill for every career. During setup and disassembly, children need to plan ahead and retrace their steps. These kits include easy-to-follow instructions with suggested maps for specially designed play structures.

  1. Promote Mathematical Thinking. With square play platforms and countable peg strips, it’s easy to see how Base Ace supports mathematical thinking. Plus, these kits bring math concepts like balance, symmetry, fractions, division, and relativity into the real world.

  1. Foster Communication Skills. Whether children choose to play alone or with a partner, Base Ace promotes communication. Pretend solo play is an important step in a child’s social development, and these kits are the perfect opportunity to practice leadership skills and communication down the road.

  1. Practice Persistence. How tall can they stack a tower on top of the platform? How many characters will fit on the base? Teach persistence and the benefits of working toward a specific goal, even when faced with unplanned challenges along the way.

  1. Build Self-Esteem. Base Ace kits create an immersive world of play and set a multi-dimensional scene for the most creative stories. With this platform, children will be proud of what they accomplish and can build self-esteem through both play and presentation.

  1. Develop Fine Motor Skills. Little fingers need all the practice they can get! Toy blocks and mini figures are the perfect opportunity to develop dexterity and pressure sensitivity. The multi-tiered Base Ace kits also add a multi-dimensional element to help children learn how to work within spatial confines.

  1. Increase Focus and Concentration. Children need the challenge of working toward a goal and sticking with it. This kind of open play experience is especially helpful for children who struggle with focused attention. Help them practice concentration while doing something that they enjoy.

  1. Practice Organization. So, you don’t want them to lose any pieces? Neither do they! The Base Ace kits are compatible with popular mini figures, and the expandable design can grow into complex structures with added accessories. Staying organized is a requirement of play.

  1. Improve Spatial Awareness. Don’t just built up – build everywhere. Base Ace kits foster spatial understanding with interlocking platforms and stackable planes. Children can even practice movement and directional physics by making their characters fly on ropes, climb walls, and jump through holes.


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