The Good Toy Guide awards Base Ace EVO with a RECOMMENDED status

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The Good Toy Guide has awarded Base Ace EVO with a high RECOMMENDED status and a commendable score rating of 14 out of 15.

What is the Good Toy Guide?
The Guide contains product reviews and advice for parents, carers and childcare professionals and is managed by an organisation called Fundamentally Children.

Who are Fundamentally Children?
Fundamentally Children are an organisation dedicated to helping children develop skills through play.

What do Fundamentally Children do and what is their aim?
They provide independent expert advice on a range of topics including play, toys, apps, children’s tech, e-safety, child development, special needs and other parenting issues. They are the home of the Good Toy Guide and Good App Guide as well as a raft of other useful advice for parents, carers and childcare professionals. Their aim is to help create a world where children are able to fulfil their potential and develop the skills they need to thrive throughout their lives, whilst enjoying a safe, happy and playful childhood.

What their team of experts said…
Base Ace is a great product which really expands the opportunities for imaginative play by providing children with endless new ideas and ways to build their play worlds. Our testers loved that you could clip it all together and make an awesome creation, customising, connecting and expanding to create different environments such as space stations, rockets, houses, Sleeping Beauty’s tower and much more.

Some children struggle to play with LEGO beyond the kits which have instructions, and this gives them new ways to play, letting their imaginations run wild. This is great for their storytelling skills, with the opportunity to act out and make sense of so many different adventures and scenarios. Building the platform in different ways was also really engaging, enabling children to add different dimensions easily – the lift that could be attached to the base to travel between levels was particularly popular!

The product review indentified that Base Ace will help children to develop the following skills:

Colour, shape and pattern recognition
Design & technology
Fine motor skills
Following instructions
Hand-eye coordination
Imaginative play
Logic, strategy & problem solving
Memory, concentration & attention
Personal, social & emotional development
Physical & motor skills
Speech, language and communication skills
Story telling
Teamwork, turn taking & sharing
Vocabulary building

See the full review by visiting this link:  Good Toy Guide Review

Brian Stickley comments:
(MD of Talking Products Ltd and the creator of Base Ace)

“This is a fantastic achievement and one that I am personally very proud of. The recent launch of Base Ace EVO is the result of over 12 months of research and product development. My colleagues and I have dedicated many hours of hard work to get to this point. We’ve learnt many lessons from our previous designs and manufacturing processes. I’m really proud of what we have created and it’s great to be acknowledged with this fantastic award. A big THANK YOU to everyone involved.”

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